Company HEPHAESTUS STEFANOU was founded in 1965 and resides in the 8th km of old National road Thessaloniki – Kilkis, in privately owned territorial extent of 14,5 acres that includes covered buildings for the departments of production (factory), the installations of storage of matters and the equipment of technical support of the vehicles. It produces superconstractions vehicles of various types and equips mainly Municipalities and companies of collection and management of litter.

HEPHAESTUS STEFANOU is among the best qualitatively constructors of European Union. It methodically and continually improves the quality of her production, rivaling equally European and American constructors – competitors.

Her web page is found in the place where is presented all the information that concerns each interested. It applies the system of management of quality that is pact with the requirements of model EN ISO - 9001:2008.





HEPHAESTUS STEFANOU have constructional experience of many years. Since the beginning of operation in 1965 and until 1975 it produces superconstractions for lorries frames-reverse vehicles. From 1975 up to 1987 in collaboration with STEYR HELLAS it supplied the Armed Forces Greece and Cyprus with various types superconstractions while it has exports vehicles of transport of humid fuels in Kuwait, Libya, Sudan and Egypt. At period 1988-1990 begin the standardisation of the superconstractions and the activation in the supplies of organisms of local self-government, while from 1992 it is also activated in the supply of mechanical equipment of stations transhipment of litter. Today owns building groups with sufficient mechanical equipment and specialised personnel, with productive possibility in annual base of 120 superconstractions of various types. The company applied from 1999 system of guarantee of quality, according to the beginnings of model ISO 9002:1994, which upgraded in system of management of quality according to the beginnings of model E N ISO 9 001: 2000 and from July 2009 according to EN ISO 9001:2008 while was granted the relative certificate from the institution of certification Lloyd 's Register QA.




November 1993 participates in the CAR EXHIBITION in Amman of Jordan, in September 1994 in the INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF BLODVIV of Fjljppoupolis in Bulgaria, in October 1994 in BIG FIVE SHOW - CLEANING and in January 1995 in AGROFISH ABUDHABI in the United Arabic Emirates. Years 1997,1999,2001,2003,2005,2007,2009 and 2011 participate in the exhibitions of institutions of local self-government, public, social sector and suppliers of state with the name POLIS.